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Are those with Tampa jobs aging?

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Tampa may have a growing aging workforce, according to a recent Careerbuilder survey.

The study explores employment trends for the 100 most populous U.S. cities, tracking how the shares of workers ages 22 to 34 and ages 55 and older have changed from 2001 to 2016. Topping the list for cities aging the fastest is North Port, FL, while Madison, WI, takes the lead for cities who are experiencing the biggest infusion of millennials into their workforce.

Summary of Key Trends

  • North Port, FL (North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton), has experienced the greatest increase in the share of workers ages 55+ from 2001 to 2016, followed by Oklahoma City, OK, Virginia Beach, VA, Sacramento, CA, and Spokane, WA. In addition to North Port, FL, seeing the greatest increase in share of workers ages 55+ from 2001 to 2016, it also saw the greatest decrease in millennials over the same period.
  • Madison, WI, has experienced the greatest increase in the share of workers ages 22-34 from 2001 to 2016, followed by El Paso, TX, Colorado Springs, CO, Allentown, PA, and Austin, TX.
  • Looking at more recent years, Madison, WI, and Colorado Springs, CO, experienced the greatest influx of millennial workers since 2011. August, GA, Palm Bay, FL, and Nashville, TN, round out the top five.
  • Among the 10 most populous cities, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, and Atlanta, GA, saw the biggest increase in millennials since 2011.
  • North Port, FL, has the largest overall share of workers ages 55+ (25.8%), followed by New Haven, CT (24.9%), Pittsburgh, PA (24.7%), Hartford, CT (24.4%), and Deltona, FL (24.4%).
  • Among the 10 most populous cities, Philadelphia, PA (23.1%), Miami, FL (23.0%) and New York, NY (22.8%), have the largest share of workers ages 55+.
  • Provo, UT, has the highest overall share of millennial workers —35.4% of its workforce was aged 22-34 in 2016, roughly the same as in 2001 and 2011. Other top ranking cities include El Paso, TX (32.3%), Austin, TX (32.3%), Salt Lake City, UT (32.2%), and San Diego, CA (31.9%).
  • Among the 10 most populous cities, Washington D.C. (29.0%), Dallas, TX (28.8%), and Los Angeles, CA (28.8%), have the highest overall share of millennial workers.
  • While San Diego, CA, has a high concentration of younger workers, it’s also among the cities that have experienced the greatest exodus of millennials from its workforce since 2011.
  • Cities experiencing the biggest declines in millennial workers since 2011 includeTucson, AZ, San Diego, CA, Urban Honolulu, HI, Bakersfield, CA, and Toledo, OH.
  • None of the 10 most populous cities experienced a decline during this period.

Grants may go towards Tampa jobs

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

More grants may go towards funding Tampa jobs.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced $72,797,326 in grant funds to be awarded to 32 programs to strengthen access to opportunity for individuals exiting correctional systems.

The Reentry Project grant program supports the improvement and effectiveness of research-based, evidence-informed services that lead to better employment opportunities and outcomes for eligible participants.

These grants give organizations the opportunity to develop new models with a focus on assisting communities with high poverty and crime rates in planning and implementing comprehensive reentry programs for justice-involved young adults ages 18-24 and adults age 25 and older.

The department’s Employment and Training Administration will award a total of $39,995,965 to nine intermediary organizations with up to $4.5 million awarded to each – four to serve adults and five to serve young adults.

The department will also award $32,801,361 to 23 community-based organizations, with up to $1.5 million awarded to each – 14 to serve adults and nine to serve young adults.