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Tampa jobs growing at a fast rate

Friday, April 8th, 2016

More and more Tampa jobs are keeping the state’s employees busy.

Florida businesses had the highest private-sector job growth rate of the 10 most populous states in February.

This is the 14thconsecutive month that Florida has led the nation’s largest states in job creation.

Florida’s private-sector job growth rate of 3.4 percent is also significantly higher than the nation’s, which is at 2.2 percent.

This is the tenth consecutive month that Florida has created more private-sector jobs over the year than Texas.

Florida created 235,200 jobs over the last year, while Texas created only 142,800 jobs.

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Executive Director Cissy Proctor said, “Florida continues to shine as a great place for business. Our smart investments in a competitive business environment continue to enable Florida businesses to grow faster than those in other states. The Scott Administration is fully committed to private-sector job growth which has resulted in a stable and strong Florida economy”

Governor Scott said, “While other large states continue to drive up the cost of living, Florida has led the nation’s most populous states in job growth for 14 consecutive months. Today’s great news is another result that our efforts to cut taxes and grow our economy are working. We have cut taxes 55 times, which has saved families $5.5 billion, and we will keep finding opportunities to cut taxes so more families can succeed in Florida.”

Small business jobs in Tampa added

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

The new employment report shows that small business jobs in Tampa were added.

Private sector small business employment increased by 86,000 jobs from February to March according to the March ADP Small Business Report.

March 2016 Small Business Report Highlights*

Total Small Business Employment: 86,000

  • By size:
    • 1-19 employees 51,000
    • 20-49 employees 35,000
  • By sector for 1-49 employees:
    • Goods producing 9,000
    • Service providing 77,000
  • By sector for 1-19 employees:
    • Goods producing 7,000
    • Service providing 44,000
  • By sector for 20-49 employees:
    • Goods producing 2,000
    • Service providing 33,000
    • Due to the important contribution that small businesses make to economic growth, employment data that is specific to businesses with 49 or fewer employees is reported.