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Tampa jobs affected by office temps?

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

A new Careerbuilder survey shows how Tampa jobs may be affected by office temperatures.

The temperatures inside can be just as difficult for many to adjust to. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 23 percent of employees say their office is too cold, while 25 percent are too hot. Office temperature isn’t just a source of discomfort, however; it can also be a source of conflict. One in five workers (20 percent) have argued with a coworker about office temperature, and 18 percent have secretly changed the temperature during the winter.

How to Call a Truce on Office Temperatures

Differing opinions on an ideal office temperatures can send tempers running hot. Haefner offers employers a few tips for keeping the peace:

1. Try to agree on the degrees: Ask employees to agree on a temperature setting that will be acceptable to everyone. Let workers know you’ll check for a few days and tweak settings until you find a happy medium.

2. Make special arrangements: Some employees, such as those who sit under a vent, may need special provisions, such as space heaters or cooling fans. Consider accommodating to them, but make sure you set safety rules first.

3. Check on your insulation: Make sure windows are correctly sealed to keep warm air in during the winter and block heat in the summertime.

Outside Workers Also Face Temperature Challenges

Those working in cubicles and offices aren’t the only ones affected by temperatures at work. Although only 10 percent of respondents work outdoors, a quarter of them have had a medical issue tied to extreme temperatures in their working environments. These include:

  • Heat exhaustion: 13 percent
  • Severely dehydrated: 9 percent
  • Badly sunburned: 7 percent
  • Heat stroke: 3 percent
  • Hypothermia: 2 percent
  • Frost bite: 1 percent


Are pharmaceutical jobs in Tampa paying well?

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

A new survey from Careerbuilder shows that pharmaceutical jobs from Tampa may pay very well.

New findings from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) reveal which industries have experienced some of the biggest increases – and biggest declines – in post-recession wage growth.

Drilling down into more than 300 specific industries, CareerBuilder and EMSI identified where wage growth is accelerating. Below are industries with at least 250,000 jobs and average earnings of at least $75,000 that have experienced the highest wage growth since 2010. Not surprising, most are concentrated in STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering and math).

Industry % Change in Earnings (2010-2015) 2015 Average Earnings % Change in Jobs (2010-2015) 2015 Jobs
Scheduled Air Transportation 16.7% $75,284 1% 409,901
Scientific Research and Development 9.6% $117,196 5% 652,877
Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing 7.8% $119,522 2% 283,263
Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing 6.6% $96,606 0% 369,730
Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services 6.0% $91,852 20% 290,524
Support Activities for Mining 5.3% $87,878 52% 441,269
Management of Companies and Enterprises 4.6% $111,951 18% 2,183,267
Insurance Carriers 3.4% $84,879 4% 1,296,480
Software Publishers 2.9% $139,291 23% 318,580
Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing 2.8% $94,124 2% 483,880