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Florida food service jobs increase

Monday, February 25th, 2013

The unemployment rate in Florida is better, and Florida food service jobs are making a difference in this number.

The number of jobs in Florida was 7,388,100 in December 2012, up 54,900 jobs compared to a year ago.

December was the 29th consecutive month with positive annual job growth after the state lost jobs for three years. The industry gaining the most jobs was leisure and hospitality (+29,900 jobs, +3.1 percent).

Other industries gaining jobs included trade, transportation, and utilities (+22,200 jobs, +1.5 percent); professional and business services (+18,100, +1.7 percent); private education and health services (+13,200 jobs, +1.2 percent); and manufacturing (+1,500 jobs, +0.5 percent).

These industry job gains were partially due to increases in food services and drinking places; food and beverage stores; employment services; ambulatory health care services; and transportation equipment manufacturing.

Industries losing jobs over the year included total government (-10,600 jobs, -1.0 percent), construction (-6,800 jobs, -2.1 percent), other services (-4,600 jobs, -1.5 percent), information (-4,000 jobs, -3.0 percent), and financial activities (-4,000 jobs, -0.8 percent).

These industry job losses were partially due to declines in local government; heavy and civil engineering construction.

Florida’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 8.0 percent in December 2012, the lowest since November 2008 when it was 7.8 percent. There were 749,000 jobless Floridians out of a labor force of 9,347,000. The December rate was down 0.1 percentage point from the November rate of 8.1 percent and was 1.9 percentage points lower than the year-ago rate of 9.9 percent. The U.S. unemployment rate was 7.8 percent in December.

Advertising jobs in Tampa overrated?

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

According to a recent poll from CareerCast, many people said that advertising jobs in Tampa and other parts of the United States were among the most overrated jobs.

Also placing on the most overrated jobs list were senior corporate executive, commercial airline pilot, stockbroker, surgeon and attorney.

Advertising execs see job turnover resulting from the pressure of high expectations and the stress of competition for accounts with lower budgets.

Computer systems analyst, civil engineer, veterinarian, biologist and market research analyst all rank among’s most underrated jobs.

“The most underrated jobs offer increasing opportunities and rewarding potential for job seekers new to the labor force, or those who need a change,” says Lee. “Some positions, such as veterinarian and school principal, require specialized advanced degrees, but you can become a plumber, electrician or automobile mechanic with additional training after high school.”

“Poor outlook for future growth, long hours, stress and a multitude of new candidates entering the industry make it especially challenging to break into many of our overrated careers,” says Tony Lee , publisher, “Overrated jobs seem attractive from the outside, but often sound better than they really are.”

Also placing on the most overrated jobs list were senior corporate executive, commercial airline pilot, stockbroker, surgeon and attorney.

Healthcare jobs in Tampa grow

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Healthcare jobs in Tampa are growing at a healthy, robust pace, according to research from CareerBuilder.