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Manufacturing jobs in Tampa hold steady

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Manufacturing jobs in Tampa are staying strong, according to recent data.

Of the Tampa, FL jobs available in the Private Sector, 484,235 (75.78%) are in the Service Providing industry and 77,874 (12.19%) are in the Goods Producing industry. As far as establishments are concerned, 30,724Tampa employers (4.81%) do business in the Service Providing industry and 5,894 (0.92%) operate in the Goods Producing industry.

The top Service Providing industry jobs in Tampa include Professional and Business Services; Trade, Transportation, and Utilities; and Education and Health Services careers. Expect Goods Producing industry jobs in Tampa to include Construction and Manufacturing.

Zeroing in on specific industries, Tampa jobs in the Professional and Business Services industry include 138,220 positions (21.63%); 8,380 employers (1.31%) and average weekly wages of $772 ($40,144 annualized salary).

Trade, Transportation, and Utilities careers in Tampa, FL include 119,225 jobs (18.66%); 7,801 employers (1.22%); and average weekly salaries of $716 per week or $37,232 per year. Education and Health Services jobs include 70,857Tampa employees (11.09%); 3,407 employers (0.53%); and weekly average salaries of $822 or $42,744 per year. For those seeking Construction jobs in Tampa, expect to see 40,511 positions (6.34%) from 4,512 employers (0.71%) and average salaries of $852 per week or $44,304 per year. In addition, Tampa, FLManufacturing occupations include 30,356 jobs (4.75%) in 1,059 companies (0.17%) with average salaries of $826 per week or $42,952 per year.

Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, Q3 2007.

Hospitality jobs in Tampa on the rise, according to Manpower survey

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Hospitality jobs in Tampa are increasing, per a new survey.

Confidence among U.S. employers is spreading geographically, according to the seasonally adjusted results of the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, conducted quarterly by Manpower Inc.

According to the seasonally adjusted* survey results, the Outlook* for Quarter 2 2011 is +8%, up from +6% during the same period last year and consistent with the +8% Outlook during Quarter 1 2011.

Survey highlights include:

  • Positive Outlook in Every State: Employers in all 50 states report positive hiring intentions and 33 out of 50 states anticipate considerable increases.

Transfer Technology hires for sales jobs in Tampa

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Upon releasing its financial results, Transfer Technology also divulged that it has hired for sales jobs in Tampa.

TTI Corp. announced today that X-Terminate, Inc., a 100% wholly owned subsidiary hit positive cash flow during its first ever dry-wood termite season in 2010. X-Terminate, Inc. is a fully state licensed and full service pest control operation based in St. Petersburg, FL.

X-Terminate is an Integrated Pest Management company that uses low impact, eco-friendly pest control methods specializing in the use of XT-2000 orange oil to eradicate dry wood termite infestation. The Company has highly trained and state licensed inspectors, and utilizes Tru-Optic Technology to view “inaccessible areas”. X-Terminate uses a new generation Termite Control product, XT-2000, which requires no fumigation and no petro-chemicals, offers a one or two year warranty with multiple options as well as free non-obligatory inspection services.

“Around 10 months ago, to better service the ever increasing demand for integrated pest management, we launched X-Terminate, Inc., a full service, licensed and insured pest control service based in St. Petersburg Florida. After the first season, the business did quite well and should be hitting sustained profitability this termite season starting in May,” said Chris Trina, Chairman and CEO of Transfer Technology and President of X-Terminate, Inc. “We have generated exciting revenue over just a few short months last season and believe we’ve barely touched the surface in this multi-billion dollar industry that’s clearly heading in the green and eco-friendly direction. I am quite proud of what our salespeople, trainers and technicians have accomplished at X-Terminate in such a short period of time and can only imagine the profitability when the branding of our name increases from our ongoing SEO and SEM efforts along with hiring key sales technicians before the 2011 termite season begins,” Trina said.

“The state of Florida suffers the worst termite infestation in the country and therefore suffers the worst home and building damage as well. We opened X-Terminate specifically to become the anti-fumigation termite service in the Tampa Bay area in which we provide a well proven alternative to tenting and the usage of extremely dangerous toxic fumigants. We know the products and services work extremely well which is why we patterned X-Terminate’s business model after our sister company and supplier, X-Termite from California. The people of California have been ahead of the green, eco-friendly movement for years now and this product and service has been used in well over 110,000 homes and has generated sales revenues from its main operators out West of well over 25 million dollars in the last 5 years or so which is why I am extremely excited about our potential in both selling our services and distributing XT-2000 to operators around the state of Florida,” Trina concluded.

Tampa management jobs spike

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Tampa management jobs are enjoying a big spike.

Memphis, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, and Minneapolis all had double-digit increases in managerial recruitment activity in February, according to the new Employment Index. The February 2011 Index, which measures managerial hiring activity online, stands at 104.3, 21 points higher than it was in February 2010. Memphis, with a 19% increase in managerial hiring, was the big winner this month, followed by Atlanta (+15%), Boston (+14%), Phoenix and Minneapolis (+13%).