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Tampa Jobs Increase

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Tampa jobs are on the up and up, according to recent data from

According to the most recent government statistics, there are 638,994 Tampa jobs. Jobs in Tampa’s Private Sector make up the majority of employment with 562,109 jobs in the Tampa, FL surrounding area (Hillsborough County). This accounts for 87.97% of the Tampa jobs market. The rest of the market comprises Local Government employment totaling 50,859 jobs, which is 7.96% of the Tampa workforce. State Government and Federal Government make up 12,600 (1.97%) and 13,426 (2.1%) Tampa jobs respectively.

To get an idea of the opportunity, there are 36,870 employers in Tampa. The Private Sector includes 36,618 firms, which make up 99.32% of companies hiring in Tampa. In other sectors, 39Local Government employers (0.11%), 101State Government employers (0.27%), and 112Federal Government employers (0.3%) hire workers in the Tampa vicinity.

The average weekly wage in Tampa, FL is $778, which translates to $40,456 annually. Private Sector wages are $769 per week or roughly $39,988 per year, on average. Local Government wages are $729 per week or $37,908 per year. State Government wages are $973 per week or $50,596 per year. Federal Government wages are $1,169 per week or $60,788 per year.

Of the Tampa, FL jobs available in the Private Sector, 484,235 (75.78%) are in the Service Providing industry and 77,874 (12.19%) are in the Goods Producing industry. As far as establishments are concerned, 30,724Tampa employers (4.81%) do business in the Service Providing industry and 5,894 (0.92%) operate in the Goods Producing industry.

The top Service Providing industry jobs in Tampa include Professional and Business Services; Trade, Transportation, and Utilities; and Education and Health Services careers. Expect Goods Producing industry jobs in Tampa to include Construction and Manufacturing.

Zeroing in on specific industries, Tampa jobs in the Professional and Business Services industry include 138,220 positions (21.63%); 8,380 employers (1.31%) and average weekly wages of $772 ($40,144 annualized salary). Trade, Transportation, and Utilities careers in Tampa, FL include 119,225 jobs (18.66%); 7,801 employers (1.22%); and average weekly salaries of $716 per week or $37,232 per year. Education and Health Services jobs include 70,857Tampa employees (11.09%); 3,407 employers (0.53%); and weekly average salaries of $822 or $42,744 per year. For those seeking Construction jobs in Tampa, expect to see 40,511 positions (6.34%) from 4,512 employers (0.71%) and average salaries of $852 per week or $44,304 per year. In addition, Tampa, FL Manufacturing occupations include 30,356 jobs (4.75%) in 1,059 companies (0.17%) with average salaries of $826 per week or $42,952 per year.

Red Robin Hiring for Hospitality Jobs in Tampa

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers has announced they are hiring for hospitality jobs in Tampa.

The restaurant is hiring more than 100 new team members for its Tampa, Fla. restaurant scheduled to open in late August, 2010. Red Robin is a casual dining restaurant chain that serves guests a variety of high-quality gourmet burgers, appetizers, entrees, salads and beverages in a family-friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is looking to hire more than 100 new team members. All applicants must be at least 18-years-old.

“We’re looking for team members who can offer great guest service in a family-friendly restaurant,” said Tim Sweet, general manager of the Tampa Red Robin(R) restaurant. “Our goal at every Red Robin(R) restaurant is to cultivate and maintain an in-restaurant environment that inspires upbeat and respectful team members, allowing us to put our guests’ needs first.”

The new 7,203-square-foot Tampa Red Robin(R) restaurant is located at 7982 Citrus Park Town Center, on the Veterans Expressway off of the Gunn Highway exit. Red Robin is located just inside the main mall entrance, next to the Westfield concierge and across from the food court. For information regarding employment, please visit the new location and inquire within.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. (, a casual dining restaurant chain founded in 1969 that operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, Red Robin International, Inc., has been serving up wholesome, fun dining experiences in a family-friendly environment for more than 40 years. Red Robin, the “Smiling Burger(R)” expert, is famous for serving more than two dozen high-quality, Honest to Goodness(R) gourmet burgers with Bottomless Steak Fries(R), as well as a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps, soups, appetizers, entrees and signature Bottomless Beverages(TM). There are more than 430 Red Robin(R) restaurants located across the United States and Canada, including corporate-owned locations and those operating under franchise agreements.

Tampa Unemployment Situation Improving

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The Tampa unemployment rate should be getting better, according to a new report just released by Robert Triguax.

For a state still clawing out of a recession and for a bay area still too prominent on “economically troubled” lists, take heart — if not near-term job hope. A look at the latest quarterly performances of more than a dozen of the larger publicly traded corporations based here suggests a groundswell of improvement is under way.

Among 14 corporations reviewed, 12 report stronger earnings in the latest available quarter (mostly ending June 30). Especially robust performances were reported by Clearwater’s computer parts distributor Tech Data Corp. (our largest public company by revenue by far) and oxygen supplier Lincare, St. Petersburg’s global electronic manufacturer Jabil Circuit and electronic retailer HSN, and Tampa’s wireless infrastructure provider Syniverse Holdings.

At HSN, leveraging new demands in a tighter economy, CEO Mindy Grossman says the company relaunched its lawn and garden business. The result? A significant sales increase “reflecting consumers’ desire to manage many household tasks on their own to save both time and money.” Grossman sees additional potential for this category in 2011.

A few of the 14 businesses struggled. Tampa’s WellCare Health Plans still is fighting and paying off fraud allegations, so much so that it was the only business among the 14 to report a quarterly loss.

Surprisingly, call center giant Sykes Enterprises fell out of the fast lane after such a good run through the teeth of the recent recession. Shares have fallen dramatically.

Add these 14 firms altogether, though, and their performance says our core, local companies here in Tampa Bay are emerging from a wretched economic downturn with a momentum not seen in years.

Does that mean new hiring is just around the corner? No way.

Many of these area companies, like most nationwide, jettisoned workers rapidly in the dark times of 2007-09. Managers remain skeptical that the economy really has turned for the better, even if the quarterly numbers hint of a rebound. It will take several quarters yet of quality returns, and more time for the economy to escape the threat of a double-dip recession, before new hiring of any significance becomes common.

But look at it this way. Companies need exactly the strengthening quarterly numbers you see in the accompany table to build the confidence needed to consider adding workers.

One step at a time.

A small bright spot for jobs is that U.S. worker productivity dropped this spring for the first time in more than a year. That’s a sign that companies may need to step up hiring if they hope to grow.

PWC Cuts IT Jobs in Tampa

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Price Waterhouse Coopers is slashing hundreds of IT jobs in Tampa and taking them to India.

The accounting and consulting firm announced that about 500 jobs in Tampa will be eliminated. The layoffs will slash the ranks of PWC’s IT support staff by nearly half, from 1,100 to 600.

A company in India will be absorbing the jobs. PWC says they are offering serverance packages for those who are laid off and are also encouraging the terminated to apply for new jobs in different regions or departments around the country.

The bulk of the cuts were tech-related jobs, and PWC says they are part of a nationwide restructuring plan. PWC has 31,000 employees nationwide and about 1800 in Tampa.

Earlier this year, PWC also cut jobs at its tax practice in Orlando.